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2017 Answering the Call | Nehemiah - Sermon Series Info

Sermon Series: Answering the Call - Studies from the book of Nehemiah

Southwest Campus:
Saturday | 5:00 PM
Sunday | 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM

3102 W. Ralph Rogers Rd.
Sioux Falls, SD  57108

Downtown Campus
Sunday | 11:00 AM

Bowden Youth Center – Volunteers of America, Dakotas
430 W. 11th St.
Sioux Falls, SD  57104


Answering the Call | Studies from the book of Nehemiah

There are moments in life when God asks us to step out of our comfort zone and be a spiritual leader. This might mean leading spiritual projects or initiatives, stepping into a spiritual leadership position, or simply taking a moral stand for Jesus publicly. 

Nehemiah was a person God used for a crucial spiritual project. Nehemiah had to step out of his comfortable world and get involved in what God wanted to do. The qualities demonstrated by Nehemiah in rallying the people of Jerusalem to rebuild the city walls are helpful to us as we respond to God’s call.

In this series we will look at the leadership qualities Nehemiah demonstrated to complete God’s call. God may be asking you right now to answer a call to spiritual leadership, or maybe to be more vocal about your faith and God’s purpose. If so, Nehemiah’s life can be a great source of encouragement to you. It’s time to answer the call. Let’s discover how to most effectively do it! 

Pastor Jeff, 
Lead Pastor at Central Church