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Image Organization
Beauchamp, Regan SD Prison Champlains Assoc, Prison Lighthouse Fellowship
Cable, Steve & Nopaluck Converge Worldwide
Caldwell, Larry & Mary Converge Worldwide
Finley, Don & Angie Converge Worldwide
Hopkins, Jason & Linda Wycliffe Bible Translators
Jahnke, Dave & Carol Converge Worldwide
Larson, David & Shirley Campus Crusade
Miller, Ted & Jean Reach Beyond
Schotanus, Thom & Ellen Converge Worldwide
Steele, Tim & Sheila Campus Crusade/ Family Life
Strandberg, Jami Converge Worldwide
Waddell, Jeff & Melissa YWAM/ University of the Nations
Walton, Kevin & Cynthia Baptist General Conference
Wolbrink, Troy & Tammy Global Service Network
Olson, Peter & Laurel Black Forest Academy